General Skating

General Skating Sessions
Skating sessions are available to all members of the public. There is no need to make a booking for a general public session, unless you are a large group.

Come along and enjoy some fun on the ice, sit back and relax with a hot cuppa or have a game of pool whilst overlooking the ‘on ice’ activity!

During our public sessions we offer a number of activities. On selected days we have snow play for the children, speed skating for those with a need for speed and ‘on ice’ games.

There are also skating aids for all ages. We have penguins, seals, skate frames and kangaroos. All are very handy for the inexperienced skater.

Penguins, Seals & Kangaroos:  $10 hire, $5 refund when returned.  Cash and credit card accepted.
Frames:  $5 hire, $3 refund when returned.  Cash and credit card accepted.


Skating Disco

Our DJ plays the latest…..(he is rink-side most weeks)!!

The disco is for all ages but it is preferable that small children are accompanied by adults or older siblings.

If anybody leaves the venue after 9pm they are not permitted to return.

Everybody pays an entry fee ($20adults, $18students, $16children under 15) on a Friday night except for parents/guardians who are not skating.

Rock on to loud top 50 music with disco ball, flashing disco lights and fog. Come check out the latest sounds with our DJ (when available) …see you on Friday night!


Lockers are available for hire at the venue.  It is always a good idea to hire a locker to keep your belongings safe, including your shoes. The hire fee is $2, however, you give us your keys and on return of our locker key, your keys are returned to you.


Our penguin family has been joined by two seals and more recentyly, two kangaroos. They are specially designed to be fun skating aids to assist children to learn how to skate. They are now for hire @ $10 each with $5 refund when returned in good order.  Cash and credit card accepted.

Skates are available for hire at the venue. (The entry fee includes the fee for hiring skates).

The rink also offers skating frames for those in need of some extra support. The hire fee is $5 and when they are returned in good order, $3 will be refunded. Cash and credit card accepted).

A sled is also available during public sessions @ NO CHARGE.


For safety, such as knee pads and helmets, we recommend bringing your own. However, we do have a small selection, and upon request can offer both to the general public. No charge.

Session Times

Please visit our session times for when the rink is available.